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Queen Latifah's 21-Day Cardio Workout Plan

The rapper, actress, and Cover Girl works with celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins to be healthier, not skinnier. Now Queen Latifah looks better than ever and you can too with her workout and exercise tips.

Look and Feel Like a Queen in 21 Days

This 21-day workout plan designed by Queen Latifah's trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, will sculpt your body, give you more energy, and motivate you to keep exercising! Follow this strength and cardio workout plan, designed for all fitness levels, so you too can strut your stuff like Queen Latifah.

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Get more motivated with this playlist for your 21-day workout plan!

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Queen Latifah's No-Fail Cardio Plan

Jeanette Jenkins uses this interval-intensive cardio plan to burn 350 calories in 35 minutes.

The Step-It-Up Cardio Playlist

Turn your workout up a notch with these songs from Queen Latifah's trainer to boost your cardio workout.

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Originally published on, September 2008.