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Penelope Cruz's Butt and Abs Workout

Tone Your Lower Body Like Penelope

There is no single secret to Penelope Cruz's hot body. Her well-rounded lifestyle makes sure that she looks great from head to toe. Of course, part of that lifestyle is hard work with her trainer, Gunnar Peterson. Peterson uses this move to tone Penelope Cruz's glutes and obliques. Here's how you can get a lower body like Penelope's:

The exercise: Twisting lunge

  • Stand with feet parallel, arms at sides. Take a large step backward with left foot.
  • Turn so your upper body faces all the way to the left, and pivot both feet so your left foot faces forward and your right foot faces out (heel of left foot is perpendicular to right).
  • Lower hands toward floor over left leg, being careful to keep left knee in line with left ankle.
  • Pivot back to center and repeat on opposite leg. Do 12 to 15 reps; switch sides.

Penelope's Trick to Getting Fit Without the Gym

Penelope Cruz gets her fitness outside. "Workouts aren't just about burning calories, they're about getting in shape for the things you love," says trainer Gunnar Peterson. Go for a walk with friends, take a dance class, swim laps, or play a game of football. Who says getting fit can't be fun?

Get fit without going to the gym

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Originally published in FITNESS magazine, August 2008.