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Naomi Watts' Pilates Workout

Naomi Watts' trainer, certified Pilates instructor Daniel Loigerot, fell in love with Pilates for the precision, control, and effectiveness of the workout. Why should you try Pilates? It works your abs 70 percent more than regular crunches, reduces lower back pain, and improves your posture. Try these exercises so you can look red-carpet ready like Naomi Watts.

Pilates for Beginners

New to Pilates? We have everything you need to get started.

The Insider's Guide to Pilates

VIDEO: Intro to Pilates

Try These Pilates Workouts

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Pilates for a Bikini Body

8-Minute Workout: Pilates for a Longer, Leaner Look

Naomi Watts' Exercise Advice

Don't forget your water bottle.

"Drinking before and at frequent intervals during your workouts prevents dehydration, cramps, and overheating," says Loigerot.

Keep cool during your workout with these tips

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Originally published on, September 2008.