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Naomi Campbell's Butt Workout

Celebrity trainer David Kirsch is the man Naomi Campbell turns to when she needs to look ready for the runway. Kirsch is an advocate of physical as well as mental and spiritual fitness, and teaches his clients to think and live healthy. He shared with us Naomi Campbell's go-to move to sculpt a supermodel butt. Add this to your workout so you can feel confident enough to strut in your skinny jeans.

The move: Stability ball prone scissors

A. Lie facedown with your hips resting on a stability ball, hands and feet on the floor for balance.

B. Walk your feet out behind you so your legs form a wide V.

C. Slowly lift both of your feet about 12 inches off the floor and squeeze them together.

D. Lower your toes back down to the floor, spreading them into a V shape at the bottom of the move, and repeat for a total of 15 to 20 reps.

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Originally published on, September 2008.