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Madonna's Arm Exercises

Get Madonna's Arms

There's no denying that Madonna's muscles are impressive. Add more muscle definition to your arms and upper body with these moves from Madonna's trainer, Tracy Anderson. All you need are 3-pound weights, which Anderson believes are just right for being toned without overdeveloping your muscles.

Get Rock-Star Arms and Shoulders Like Madonna's in 3 Moves

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Get an Overall Toned Physique

Madonna hops on her bike to sculpt the rest of her body. Cycling is a great way to cross-train, burning more than 500 calories an hour at a moderate pace and sculpting the abs, legs, and butt.

Take your workout outdoors and burn calories with this cycling workout.

The Calorie-Blasting Cycling Workout

Burn calories and beat boredom with these cardio workouts.

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Try Pilates for a Leaner Body

Madonna maintains a lean figure by going to Pilates classes. We have Pilates workouts for you so you can look like the pop star without breaking your budget.

Firm Up Fast with Our 5-Minute Pilates Workout

Get a Firm Lower Body with Pilates

The Pilates, Yoga, and Tai Chi Energy-Boosting Workout

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Originally published on, January 2009.