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Eva Mendes' Butt Exercises

Boost Your Lower Body

It's refreshing to see a celebrity who hasn't slimmed down to a size 0 because of Hollywood pressures. We learned from trainer Joe Dowdell, founder and co-owner of Peak Performance Strength & Conditioning, how Eva Mendes stays toned while keeping her naturally curvy body. Here's the workout he designed for Eva Mendes.

The exercise: Rotational step-up

A. Stand with right side next to a step or stairs, placing right foot on step. Turn right foot 90 degrees, toes pointing to the right.

B. Straighten right leg to stand up, turning hips so body now faces step. Place left foot on step. Return to starting position by stepping back with left foot. Do 12 to 15 reps on right leg; switch sides.

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Originally published on, January 2009.