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Christina Applegate's Abs Workout

For actress and breast cancer survivor Christina Applegate, taking care of her body is a top priority. Christina Applegate believes in getting in a little exercise every day, whether it's running, cycling, or simple toning exercises. Her trainer, Teddy Bass, who's trained top Hollywood celebrities and executives and has a background in dance and Pilates, shared with us this exercise that helps Christina Applegate get flat abs.

The exercise: Around the world

A. Lie faceup on floor with knees bent, feet flat on floor and hands behind head with elbows out to sides. Cross left ankle over right knee.

B. Lift shoulders as high as possible, bringing left elbow and shoulder toward right knee.

C. Return to center and crunch up, keeping left ankle on right knee.

D. Lower back to start and repeat, this time bringing right shoulder toward left knee.

E. Continue, moving from right to left with each rep. Do 12 to 15 reps; switch legs and repeat, moving from left to right.

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Originally published on, January 2009.