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Celebrity Workout Secrets: 17 Fitness Tips

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What smart, exercise-loving, fiber-eating woman would think she could get a better body by doing what Hollywood types do? Me — when I know the advice comes from a sane celebrity trainer who takes wellness seriously. (I also subscribe to dancer Martha Graham's theory that "You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, something is lost.") Here, because a Fit Girl clearly is the new It Girl, the moves to make you your very best, all vetted by our in-house FITNESS gurus.

1. Ooze Confidence
Tyra, we love you because you strut with confidence. Banks's "SO WHAT!" campaign, which encourages women to embrace their bodies — flaws and all — shows that even supermodels can champion the beauty of being super-real.

2. Hit the Road Penelope Cruz gets her fitness outside. "Workouts aren't just about burning calories, they're about getting in shape for the things you love," says trainer Gunnar Peterson. For more ways to get fit without having to step foot in a gym, see our outdoor workouts feature.

Get Fit Without the Gym

3. Be a Fit Mom
To shape up for her upcoming movie, The Kingdom, Jennifer Garner did lots and lots of lunges with shoulder presses, says trainer Valerie Waters. In real life, toddler Violet stands in for some dumbbells.

4. Get on the Ball
Jessica Simpson uses one for wall squats, says trainer Harley Pasternak, keeping the ball behind her back to maintain proper form as she sculpts her legs and butt. For more stability ball moves, check out our insider's guide.

Stability Ball Workout

5. Build Strong Bones and Muscles
Trainer Joe Dowdell has actress Claire Danes hoist some hefty weights during her high-intensity workouts.

6. Swing into Action
Catherine Zeta-Jones hits the links for some R&R. If she forgoes the cart and carries her own clubs, she'll burn about 261 calories an hour.

7. Two-Step
Boxer Laila Ali says doing some fancy footwork on Dancing with the Stars required the same focus and intensity she finds in the ring. We say she looks amazing.

8. Focus on Yourself
"It's important to get out of your head and into your body," says trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche, who works with Avril Lavigne. "Do whatever feels good, because that's what it's really all about."

Celebrity Fitness Tips 9-17

9. Log On for Success Share the same workout advice as Jennifer Aniston, J.Lo, and dozens more celebs at, which offers "trainer in your ear" programs from more than 75 experts on everything from weight loss to walking.

10. Train for the Finish Line
Singer Sheryl Crow regularly cross-trains with a combo of running and cycling. In addition to regular jogs, she's prepping for a 100-mile bike ride by cranking up the resistance on a stationary bike until she can barely pedal, then bringing it back down, says trainer Greg Bahnfleth.

11. Mix Things Up
"Every day should be something a little different when it comes to your workout routine," says trainer Michael George, who has worked with Reese Witherspoon, shown here, jogging. "Otherwise, your body gets bored and you stop seeing results."

12. Band Together
Julia Roberts stays in shape with do-anywhere resistance-band exercises from trainer Kathy Kaehler, including standing on the band for double biceps curls and front and lateral shoulder raises.

13. Run for a Cause
Meredith Vieira often participates in charity run/walks that help raise funds for everything from cancer to mental health. Want to join a fun run? Check out these options.

Run or walk for charity

14. Nix Boredom
Kate Hudson keeps fit by mixing things up. In addition to running, she takes Sheila Kelley's S Factor (pole dancing and striptease) classes regularly — in 6-inch heels!

15. Ride On
Madonna should wear a helmet while she rides, but even so, cycling is a great way to cross-train, burning more than 500 calories an hour at a moderate pace and sculpting the abs, legs, and butt.

16. Shake It
Nikki Blonsky, just 18, loves dancing and adored training (hard!) for her role in the movie Hairspray. She told FITNESS that at one point, she was losing weight so quickly she had to drink protein shakes to stay at her character's size.

17. Be Fluid
"Drinking before and at frequent intervals during your workouts prevents dehydration, cramps, and overheating," says Pilates expert Daniel Loigerot, who works with Naomi Watts. For more hot-weather exercise tips, see our "Love Your Summer Workout" story.

Love Your Summer Workout

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, July 2007.