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Cameron Diaz's Abs Workout

Get Cameron Diaz's Sexy Abs

Celebrity trainer Teddy Bass is the man responsible for keeping Cameron Diaz in shape. He designed this workout to get toned and defined abs. Follow his advice so you can look like Cameron Diaz.

Try Cardio

"You need to burn fat with cardio (at least 30 minutes, three to five times per week) to see ab definition, says Bass. "Elliptical machines are great, because you have to contract your abs in order to stay upright." Or try Pilates, cycling, or kayaking.

Sculpting Sexy Abs

Targets: Obliques and transverse (deep) abdominal muscles
Lie faceup on floor, with right foot on left knee and hands behind head. Engage abs and lift hips and shoulders off floor while bringing left elbow toward right knee. Lower. Perform 20 reps. Switch legs and repeat; do 3 sets per side.

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