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Alicia Keys' Butt Exercises

The Grammy-winning singer and songwriter knows that being healthy does not mean having to slim down to a size 0. She loves her curves and loves jogging too. Alicia Keys goes to celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, author of 5-Factor Fitness, to get in top shape. Pasternak shared this workout tip so you can get the most from your workout.

Burn More Calories

Work with only one arm or one leg at a time when strength training with dumbbells. This way, while you're resting one side of your body you'll keep the other side going strong. Your heart will also have to keep pumping hard through your entire workout, which means that you'll actually burn more calories overall.

Harley Pasternak's Workout for Sexy Curves

Get the workout designed by Alicia Keys' trainer to tone your lower body and get dangerously sexy curves like Alicia. Follow this workout to have a firm figure in six weeks.

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Get the 5-Factor Diet

Here's the eating plan to go along with the workout. It's easy — eat five times a day with foods made from five ingredients.

Get the 5-Factor Diet with recipes and shopping lists here!

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Originally published on, January 2009.