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It Works! 4 Real Women Try Our Post-Baby Workout Plan

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Speedy Weight-Loss Success

These four women gave our workout plan a try. Their results — more energy, less fat, and abs they're actually ready to reveal! — speak for themselves.

The Post-Pregnancy Workout Plan

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I Lost 12 Pounds!

Debra Lee Murrow, 40

Her Baby-Body Blues: "I wanted to lose about 20 pounds, but between work and my kids it was hard to find time."

Amazing Results: In addition to the 12 pounds, Debra dropped at least one dress size. "I put on a stretchy top that I got six years ago. When my husband saw me, all he could say was 'Wow!'"

What She Loved About the Workout: "How quickly I got back into shape. Plus, it was a great way to help me relax."

Advice to New Moms: "Make a commitment to another person. A friend and I made a deal to exercise together at least once a week. It forced me to stick with it and made it more fun."

I Dropped 2 Dress Sizes

Molly Castelloe Fong, 42

Her Baby-Body Blues: "I really wanted to get my shape back, but with a 4-1/2-month-old and 2-year-old and not much help, it was hard."

Amazing Results: Molly lost 8 pounds, 3 inches around her waist, 1.5 inches off her hips, and .75 inches off her thighs. "I went from a size 10 to a 6."

What She Loved About the Workout: "Exercising has become my 'me time.' It feels good that I'm caring for myself."

Advice to New Moms: "Don't attach great expectations of what your weight, size, and shape should be."

I Look Slimmer Now Than Before I Was Pregnant

Gretchen Freydl Jeanes, 38

Her Baby-Body Blues: "Before I had my daughter, I was very active, but during my pregnancy I got completely out of shape."

Amazing Results: Gretchen lost eight pounds and lost inches all over. "I'm much happier about my body."

What She Loved About the Workout: "Having a specific plan. I'd exercise at 5:30 a.m., when my daughter was still sleeping, so I didn't feel guilty spending time on myself."

Advice to New Moms: "Be realistic. I realized that on days when I was too tired, it was okay if I skipped a workout."

I Whittled 3 Inches from My Waist!

Abigail Honor, 31

Her Baby-Body Blues: "I was dying to get back to exercising, but with work and taking care of my daughter, going to the gym seemed impossible."

Amazing Results: Abby lost 10 pounds, 3 inches around her waist, .5 inches off her thighs, and 1.5 inches off her hips. "I can easily fasten a pair of pants that didn't come close to buttoning before."

What She Loved About the Workout: "I could do it late at night when my daughter was asleep. But most important, it helped me feel fitter and happier."

Advice to New Moms: "Stick with it. The second week, I was exhausted, but I battled on with the exercises and felt refreshed by week three."

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Originally published in FITNESS magazine, August 2007.