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20-Minute Barre Routine to Isolate Hard-to-Target Muscles

If you're new to barre, look no further than this workout. Ballet dancers have amazing bodies (ahem! Misty Copeland) and these types of exercises keep ballerinas' strength and flexibility on point (no pun intended). Strength training is often about big, strong movements like squats and overhead raises, but smaller, isolated movements done in barre classes can burn just as much. The moves take a lot of control and strength, so don't be surprised if your legs (or any other area for that matter) start to quiver under the pressure.

This low-impact, big-results workout is designed to tone and strengthen your entire body, with particular attention paid to improving your posture and balance. This workout is appropriate for people of all skill levels, so grab a chair and get at it! If you like this video, be sure to check out Sarah Kusch's Get Tight in 28, a workout program designed to help you lose weight and build total body strength on

Equipment Required:

  • Light hand weights
  • Exercise mat is optional

Fitness Workout Details:

  • 5-minute warm-up
  • 18-minute workout
  • 2.5-minute cool-down

The workout consists of a series of low-impact exercises using small hand weights performed in slow, controlled repetitions.

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