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Pilates Workouts

We love Pilates for giving us core strength, trim tummies, and happy backs. Try these Pilates exercises and workout videos at home or on-the-go -- no machines or gym memberships required.

Blast calories and feel ~amazing~ after this sweaty, total-body workout.

Prime your body to stay safe and strong on the slopes with these Pilates-inspired moves from Pilates ProWorks Director of Fitness Ellie Houston.

Sweat it out and strengthen up with this routine from Ellie Houston of Pilates ProWorks.

Instructor Suzanne Bowen shows how to fuse different styles and equipment into your barre workout to shake things up.

Functional training has never felt so good! Try this quick and efficient 20-minute barre class.

Do your regular barre workouts need to be revved up? This barre boot camp workout is your way to kick things up a notch for extra calorie burn in the same amount of time.

Get your step on and push your muscles to new levels of "shake" with this barre routine from Suzanne Bowen.

Lottie Murphy's Grokker barre workout will help you strengthen and lengthen every muscle.

When I picked up Pilates again after a long hiatus, I found I had been neglecting some hard-to-reach muscles that deserved my attention.

*Cue mental image of Alec Baldwin in a tutu*

Jumping jacks and burpees are the go-tos for burning calories, but try slowing it down for a more controlled, targeted burn.

If you've tried all the bedtime rituals and still have trouble winding down, you may want to add another tool to your arsenal: Pilates.

Can barre classes help you heal a running injury? Our expert weighs in.

"Tuck, tuck, tuck!" You'll hear it again and again throughout a barre class. Here's what you are supposed to be doing, and how can you get the most out of the super tiny (almost invisible) move.

One instructor shares the five big changes you can expect to see when you practice barre.

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