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These Are the Songs Team USA Is Listening to Before Competing in Rio


Ever wonder what your favorite athlete uses to get in the zone for his or her sport? We talked to some of Team USA's members about the songs that they need to get their head in the game, calm any nerves, and prepare themselves for competition.

Simone Biles, one of Team USA's female gymnasts, is all about pop and hip-hop. "I love listening to G-Eazy and Justin Bieber—he has really good playlists—and then sometimes Drake, Rihanna, or Chris Brown," she says. "Lately the team has all been listening to 'Panda' by Desiigner, just because it's a good pump-up song that's really fun."

Maggie Steffens, a water polo gold-medalist, uses her music to keep everything in perspective. "A song like 'Vivir Mi Vida' by Marc Anthony, or 'Hallelujah' by Andy Grammar gets me pumped," she says. "I get to live out my dream and have fun doing it."

Mallory Weggemann, a USA Paralympic swimmer, has one go-to song she plays when getting ready. "The last song that I listen to before I go out to the starting blocks is 'All I Do Is Win' by DJ Khaled," she says. "I have listened to that since 2010, and now it's kind of one of the things that if I'm not going into a race, I can't listen to that song. Because it just jazzes me. My heart rate will go through the roof, my adrenaline will start going."

While we may not be headed to Rio ourselves, that doesn't mean we can't channel the same mindset in our own workouts. Download the playlist below to sweat to their favorite tunes, and check out Shape X Fitness on Spotify for a playlist for every mood and exercise.

Olympic Playlist

"Dreamer" – Chris Brown (Carli Lloyd, Women's Soccer)

"Sky's the Limit" – Lil Wayne (Ryan Lochte, Swimming)

"Diva" – Beyonce (Allyson Felix, Track & Field)

"Can't Hold Us" – Macklemore (Allison Jones, Paralympic Cyclist)

"Panda" – Desiigner (Simone Biles, Gymnastics)

"Vivir Mi Vida" – Marc Anthony (Maggie Steffens, Water Polo)

"Bitch Better Have My Money" – Rihanna (Claressa Shields, Boxing)

"All I Do Is Win (Feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross)" – DJ Khaled (Mallory Weggemann, Paralympic Swimmer)

"Lucky Strike" – Maroon 5 (Maggie Steffens)

"Lose Yourself" – Eminem (Kayla Harrison, Judo)

"Grateful" – Rita Ora (Julie Johnston, Women's Soccer)

"Jumpman" – Drake (Claressa Shields)

"I Was Here" – Beyoncé (Ajee Wilson, Track & Field)

"Promentory" – Trevor Jones (The Last of the Mohicans) (Natalie Bieule, Paralympic Track & Field)

"Rise Up"– Andre Day (Julie Johnston)

"Hallelujah" – Andy Grammar (Maggie Steffens)