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Warm Up and Cool Down Playlist

These are the warm-up and cool-down tunes I listen to for my long runs. I listen to faster stuff in the middle of the run, but I find it's helpful to have motivating but chill songs for the first few miles and last two, to remind me not to push it too hard at first and then burnout, and also to help me relax toward the end.

"Romeo and Juliet" - Indigo Girls
"Land of Canaan" - Indigo Girls
"Galileo" - Indigo Girls
"Closer to Fine" - Indigo Girls
"I Try" - Macy Gray
"Atlantic City" - Bruce Springsteen
"The Freshmen" - The Verve Pipe
"Superstar" - Lupe Fiasco
"Flashing Lights" - Kanye West
"Homecoming" - Kanye West

Originally published on, July 2008.