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Reader Favorites: Inspirational Workout Songs

When we asked readers for your favorite workout music, you gave us hundreds of songs to choose from. Here, we've compiled the most inspirational songs from your picks — for those moments when you need a little push to get on the treadmill or to do that last set of ab exercises.

"Stronger" - Kanye West reader denise.n.cordero told us, "This is at the start of my iPod to remind me that what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger!"

"Die Another Day" - Madonna
Reader Campoheidi loves to workout to this Madonna song because it "makes me feel strong and tells me to not give up."

"L.A. Woman" - Billy Idol
This is reader spcdcider's favorite song to listen to "when the workout is getting tough."

"No More Drama" - Mary J. Blige
Reader Tanya.maisch works out to Mary J. Blige when she gets tired of all the drama.

"Proud" - Heather Small
The theme song to NBC's Biggest Loser motivates mackenzie42: "I find it incredibly moving and great to run to especially when I'm on that last kick and need something to keep going."

"Faster Car" - Keith Urban
This song helps reader dmashcraft1 get through a hard workout.

"Sweep the Leg" - No More Kings
"This song really gets me going and motivated to hit the gym," said reader jennifer.english.

"Life Is Beautiful" - Sixx: A.M.
Reader lilsick4life loves listening to this song. "It totally gets me motivated!"

"Running Still" - Freez-R-Burn
"My husband and I have agreed that even if you are reaching the point of exhaustion in your workout, this new song's rhythm will keep you moving!" reader flanneryog said.

"Black Horse & The Cherry Tree" - KT Tunstall
Reader Stascia769 gets motivation from this song. "It reminds me that I'm doing the work for myself, not because of what anyone else thinks!"

Originally published in, July 2008.