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Trainer Mario Hortis' Heart-Pumping Playlist

Mario's Pick: Green Day
Why: "Because it's energetic, fast rock with a great beat."
FITNESS recommends: "Basket Case" - An oldie but goodie that we can't help but sing along to.


Mario's Pick: 2Pac
Why: "It's driving hip-hop with hard beats and rhythms."
FITNESS recommends: "Ambitionz Az a Ridah" - Perfect for hitting the weights.


Mario's Pick: Scooter
Why: "A stadium DJ with fast BPM (beats per minute) and tribal remixes."
FITNESS recommends: "Fire" - If this doesn't light a fire under you, we don't know what will.


Mario's Pick: Motley Crue
Why: "The same people that roll their eyes when the songs start are singing along by the end and working their butt off."
FITNESS recommends: "Kickstart My Heart" - Whoa, yeah.


Mario's Pick: Daddy Yankee
Why: "My Miami clients love reggaeton, and Chicago clients like the Latin hip hop/reggae mixes."
FITNESS recommends: "Gasolina" - Because it has the power to make even make lunges fun.


Mario's Pick: Tiesto or Oakenfold remixes
Why: "My clients love songs they know. These guys turn up the RPMs and harden the beats."
FITNESS recommends: "In the Dark" from Tiesto and Christian Burns (a beautiful techno song), and "Ready, Steady, Go" from Oakenfold (it's impossible to NOT feel like a badass when this is playing).


Originally published on, August 2008.