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Trainer Bob Weinstein's Pick-Me-Up Playlist

"I Feel Good" - James Brown
Bob says: The ultimate in uplifting and motivational. If you're feeling down you can’t help but feel good when singing "I feel good!" Who can sing it better than James Brown?


"Eye of the Tiger" - Survivor
Bob says: The beat and lyrics rise up above the obstacles and challenges and inspire you to never give up and focus on those worthy life goals instead.


"Gangsta's Paradise" - Coolio
Bob says: There are so many people out there crying out for someone to both care and give them direction. The lyrics of this song embody the very soul crying out.


"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" - Neil Diamond
Bob says: Many in our society focus too much on themselves. This song focuses on helping others. We all need a regular dose of "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" (or sister or stranger). Life is not about me, it is about helping others.


"I Hope You Dance" - Lee Ann Womack
Bob says: This song fills the heart with hope and faith. It's okay to get back up regardless of what has happened in your life and truly live.


Originally published on, August 2008.