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The Beyoncé Workout Playlist You Need This Week

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Let's be honest, Beyoncé has been inspiring us to be our best selves for the better part of our lives. From her music and workout gear to her no-nonsense yet somehow ethereal stage presence, we'd like nothing more than to channel those vibes all the time. Unfortunately, Queen Bey has departed from Spotify for her newest album. Lucky for us, though, she has quite the catalog of top-notch songs for running, strength training, kickboxing, or getting some hip-hop dance cardio going.

Start off with a little "Partition" and continue with"Upgrade U" and "Diva" with the best bass on the playlist. Throw back to "Baby Boy" with Sean Paul and dip into Destiny's Child with "Independent Women Pt. 1." Keep things "Turnt" with The-Dream and "Bootylicious" always. By the time you get to "Feeling Myself" and "Flawless," you'll be ready to take on that squat challenge you've been thinking of trying. Music motivates—there's no denying that.

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"Partition" – Beyoncé

"Beautiful Liar" – Beyoncé feat. Shakira

"Upgrade U" – Beyoncé feat. Jay Z

"Diva" – Beyoncé

"Baby Boy" – Beyoncé feat. Sean Paul

"Independent Women" – Destiny's Child

"7/11" – Beyoncé

"Run the World (Girls)" – Beyoncé

"Bootylicious" – Destiny's Child

"Turnt" – Beyoncé and The-Dream

"Crazy in Love" –Beyoncé feat. Jay Z

"Feeling Myself" –Nicki Minaj feat. Beyoncé

"Survivor" – Destiny's Child

"Flawless Remix" – Beyoncé

"Party" – Beyoncé and Andre 3000

"Lose My Breath" – Destiny's Child

"Countdown" – Beyoncé

"Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" – Beyoncé