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The Best Songs Designed to Make You Work Out Harder


The Best Workout Songs for Insanity

You can bet that if a program is called Insanity, the workout—and the results—may drive you a little crazy (whether that's a good or bad thing, you decide). Either way, Dr. Costas says these are the best songs to help you stay in the zone until the very last interval. "[This playlist] is structured to give extra staying power," he says. "It has the highest average tempo with a stimulating 140 BPM (beats per minute) that's sure to keep the adrenaline flowing."

The Best Workout Songs for Tabata

Tabata: It's the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) method taking the fitness world by storm. Why? It packs a major calorie-burning punch in a matter of minutes. You take a quick 10 seconds of rest in between each 20-second interval of all-out effort, meaning those muscles get worked. To make sure your motivation stays as high as your heart rate, Dr. Costas recommends a fast-tempo playlist—this one averages 118 BPM—that's full of powerful lyrics like, "I don't want to give up" and "I'm stronger than I've been before."

The Best Workout Songs for Dance Cardio

Whether you're on a crowded dance floor or alone in your bedroom, we all love a good dance session. After all, you're torching tons of calories, sometimes without even realizing it, because it's so fun. And how much fun you're having while dancing your booty off usually correlates directly with how good the music is. "[It's] imperative [that] a cardio dance playlist sticks to strong and steady rhythmic flow because it promotes movement," says Costas. These are the best songs that fill that requirement, so go on and shake your groove thang.

The Best Workout Songs for CrossFit

These days, it's hard to bring up fitness trends without someone mentioning their love for all things CrossFIt. This high-intensity, back-to-basics workout requires a special kind of dedication that's further inspired by high-energy friends—and an even more motivating playlist. "The music shouldn't be particularly loud given the internal sense of rhythm required to master the high-intensity movements involved," says Costas. Translation: We know you're not plugging in a pair of headphones at the start of your sweat sesh, but this is the kind of background music that'll enhance your training when you want to give up on that AMRAP. Our recommendation? Share it with those who run your box and request they play it while you beast-mode those WODs.