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FITNESS Workout Playlists

FITNESS's most popular workout music playlists, from our editors and personal trainers.

Let these songs by fierce females inspire you to be your own BFF.

Ever wonder what the professionals listen to when they're working out? We talked to top trainers across the country to find out. Here are the best workout songs to stay motivated and pumped up.

As you prep for the big day, these are the tunes that'll motivate you through every sweat session.

After a few chants and chimes, you'll need some driving beats for this mat session. Plug in this playlist from Pure PXT and get after it!

No more phoning it in on the elliptical. Group classes are a hot ticket in Hollywood, but if you're sweating solo, plug into this playlist from trainer Annette Comerchero.

Heather Morris, the dancing phenom and queen of deadpan delivery on Glee, has one of Hollywood's fiercest physiques. Steal her dance-inspired workout for sleeker, sexier legs.

Put the boom-boom back in your zoom-zoom with these fresh playlist picks.

Keep your workouts fresh with the songs we'll be listening to all summer long, including tracks from Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Taio Cruz, and more. Just add sunshine!

We love her as Charlotte in Sex and the City. Who knew that in real life Kristin Davis has been hiding killer abs underneath those sweet designer dresses?

Update your workout playlist and get moving to these 2010 Grammy Award-nominated songs.

Build your playlist with our exclusive roundup of 2009's best rev-you-up tunes.

Get customized workout music for our "You Can Do It!" cardio workouts from Deekron, The Fitness DJ.

Some lucky FITNESS fans got the chance to work out with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson at our Tweet-up workout session.

Kick and punch your way to fitness with songs to pump you up for a kickboxing workout.

Chill out this summer with music to help you beat the heat, whether you're relaxing on the beach, heading out on a road trip, or enjoying an outdoor workout.

The great thing about listening to music with headphones is that no one else can hear what you're bopping your head to.

Here are the songs FITNESS Senior Editor Bethany Gumper listens to on her 10-mile run and half-marathon training.