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The Heart-Pumping Playlist That'll Fuel Your Most Intense Workouts

Photo: Future Publishing/Getty Images

We've all been there: You're slogging through a workout when, all of a sudden, the right song comes on at just the right time. Your drive skyrockets, and rather than phone it in, you're ready to finish that sweat-fest with a solid kick.

Music can be a major motivator through a workout, but that's not all — science shows that it can also push you to give more of yourself. That's why we asked George Foreman III, founder of Everybody Fights boxing gyms, to give us the playlist that he had pulsin' through our recent Facebook Live workout in New York City. The TRAIN class was intense AF, but the soundtrack of badass songs kept us motivated through 12 rounds of the interval-based circuits. It has a healthy dose of upbeat Bieber, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne — all of whom serve up lyrics that made us want to give our best jab, cross, and hook until the very end. Steal it for your own do-anywhere boxing routine, or queue it up next time you head out for an interval run or hardcore HIIT session. (Want even more music? Here are 100 of the best workout songs.)