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The Kanye West Playlist Your Workout Needs


If you're wondering how you'll make it through that workout you're dreading on a weekday, the answer is almost always music. Flip on this playlist for the perfect hour of gym time framed by Kanye West's best songs. From College Dropout throwbacks to new tunes off The Life of Pablo, you'll have plenty to shuffle through. We won't be surprised if you end up staying in the gym longer than you meant to. (See: 10 Ways to Sneak In a Workout)

Get into your treadmill time with "Black Skinhead," "Stronger," and "Otis," or take to doing squats and lunges in time with "Love Lockdown" and "Mercy." Use a little "POWER" to put yourself through the paces during cardio and "Jesus Walks" when you hit your target heart rate (or just feel like a boss in general). Cool down to "Flashing Lights," and know your "New Workout Plan" is doing the trick, every time.

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Kanye West Workout Playlist

"Black Skinhead" — Kanye West

"No Church in the Wild" — Kanye West with Jay Z and Frank Ocean

"Otis" — Kanye West with Jay Z

"Waves" — Kanye West

"No More Parties in LA" — Kanye West

"POWER" — Kanye West

"Monster" — Kanye West Feat. Jay Z and Rick Ross

"Love Lockdown" — Kanye West

"Stronger" — Kanye West

"Touch the Sky" — Kanye West Feat. Lupe Fiasco

"Jesus Walks" — Kanye West

"The New Workout Plan" — Kanye West

"Mercy" — Kanye West Feat. Big Sean and Pusha T

"Flashing Lights" — Kanye West