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Celebrity Workout Music Playlists

Find out what music celebrities are listening to on their workout playlists, from cardio mixes to cool down.

Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins provides 12 upbeat new songs designed to sync up to the perfect cardio workout.

Lead crooner for Sugarland Jennifer Nettles shares her favorite tunes for relaxing.

Comedian and reality-TV star Kathy Griffin shares the music she listens to when she's exercising at home, in a hotel gym, or wherever she is.

As an ultra-marathoner, Marshall Ulrich relies on his iPod to keep him company on his long-distance runs. Here, the songs that energize him.

Our June cover girl and Mind, Body, Spirit Superstar Elisabeth Hasselbeck shares her favorite mix of get-going tunes.

The Olympic silver-medalist shares the songs that get her moving.

Not loving your body? Jump-start your confidence — add these feel-good grooves to your workout playlist.

This comedic TV star shares her outlook on exercising and the artists on her workout playlist.

Swapping the radio for her own music mix, here's the playlist Daisy Fuentes listens to when she works out.

What Josie Maran is listening to now.

Our Grammy-winning March covergirl and Mind, Body, Spirit Superstar shares the songs that get her going for those early-morning workout sessions.

What exercise music this model and pro volleyball player uses to pump up her workout.

Check out the workout playlist this R&B singer listens to when she hits the gym instead of the stage.

It's easier getting into shape when you're rockin' out to supercool music.