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Workout Playlists

Tired of doing the same iPhone shuffle every time you hit the gym? Plug into one of FITNESS's exclusive music playlists, featuring favorites from celebrities, personal trainers, and editors. These songs will keep you pumped from warm up to cool down.

Two very important things are happening right now: the holidays, filled with diet wreckers and fitness foes around every corner; and Taylor Swift's new album (you even voted to prove it's your fave).

Study up on the company: check. Put together your best power outfit: done. Perfect your portfolio: nailed it.

With the countdown to Pitch Perfect 2 officially on, there's only one thing for us to do in the meantime: revel in the glory of a capella music.

Music is a huge motivator during our workouts (obvs). But how do you know which are truly the best workout songs?

Let these songs by fierce females inspire you to be your own BFF.

Move to these grooves: the host of The Biggest Loser swears -- and sweats -- by 'em.

Stride to the beat with a killer playlist.

Ever wonder what the professionals listen to when they're working out? We talked to top trainers across the country to find out. Here are the best workout songs to stay motivated and pumped up.

As you prep for the big day, these are the tunes that'll motivate you through every sweat session.

After a few chants and chimes, you'll need some driving beats for this mat session. Plug in this playlist from Pure PXT and get after it!

No more phoning it in on the elliptical. Group classes are a hot ticket in Hollywood, but if you're sweating solo, plug into this playlist from trainer Annette Comerchero.

You just sweat your reps; trainer Brett Hoebel will play DJ. These songs will motivate you through his 20-minute circuit workout.

We took a peek at the man of steel's iPod for the right mood music for working your booty off. Download his workout playlist here.

These remix picks will give you not only the vibe inside Hard Candy but also a sample of what may be playing during Madonna's own sweat sessions.

Heather Morris, the dancing phenom and queen of deadpan delivery on Glee, has one of Hollywood's fiercest physiques. Steal her dance-inspired workout for sleeker, sexier legs.

Add these songs to your workout playlist for a motivating sweat session.

The Olympian shares the songs that get her pumped up for a workout or ski competition.