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Workout Playlists

Tired of doing the same iPhone shuffle every time you hit the gym? Plug into one of FITNESS's exclusive music playlists, featuring favorites from celebrities, personal trainers, and editors. These songs will keep you pumped from warm up to cool down.

These pop songs double as relaxing yoga tunes that help you get your flow on

Because love is love is love. Leave your sweat and your hearts on the gym floor with this Pride playlist.

When you're ready to leave it all out there on the gym floor

Nike master trainer and Flywheel instructor Holly Rilinger shares the playlist she uses during her new meditation-meets-HIIT class.

There's never been a better catalog for breaking a sweat.

Does your running playlist need a spring reset?

Forget "meh" workouts to "meh" music. We gathered the top 50 workout songs from this year, so go ahead and stream the best of the best while channeling your inner beast.

Sick of the same ol' workout songs? We put together the best workout music from this year's Grammy nominees. Because better music means a better workout.

Jogging past haunted houses and tricker treaters this weekend? Break out a similarly festive playlist. 

Running doesn't need to feel like work. The one secret that can make each and every step feel easier? Music!

Step aside, squat rack. The secret to scoring your best body ever might just be hiding in a piece of equipment you carry around all day, every day: your phone.

All this marathon talk have you feeling inspired to start running?

When it comes to workouts, trainer Adam Rosante, a fitness ambassador for C9 by Champion and the author of The 30-Second Boy, is a master of motivation.

Sometimes mustering up the motivation to hit the gym hard all comes down to having the perfect playlist.

Oh, New Year's resolutions. We all make them, but we rarely see them through.

There were some great workout songs in 2014 (Shake It Off, anyone?). But it's time to #MoveForward in 2015, and #MakeFitHappen with these new power anthems.