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Workout Playlists

Tired of doing the same iPhone shuffle every time you hit the gym? Plug into one of FITNESS's exclusive music playlists, featuring favorites from celebrities, personal trainers, and editors. These songs will keep you pumped from warm up to cool down.

Fight workout boredom with the songs that keep our editors moving and grooving through any workout.

It's just what you need to push yourself to the next level of sweat.

These songs will get you in the spirit of the season, without dragging down your workout

Whether you're gearing up for a long run or getting amped to lift your heaviest yet, these are the best pump up songs for turning your energy all the way up.

Channel your inner badass and build your strength with these songs practically made for weight lifting

When it comes to picking a workout playlist, the charts don't lie.

While presenting an award at the VMA's last night, Michael Phelps finally revealed the real reason behind his viral grumpface.

2004, you've officially been missed

Find out what Ryan Lochte, Carli Lloyd, and Simon Biles turn on to get pumped up (or calmed down) before going for gold.

Don't stop 'til you get enough. But actually.

Hitting your stride just got a whole lot easier.

Swing your sweat session to the next level with this pumped-up playlist.

Because everyone needs a little *NYSNC in their lives. 

Get your sweat on, then take this playlist straight to the beach or the barbecue. Go America!

Going through a workout music lull? Put some Bey on for maximum #gains potential.

Jamming out to this style of music may have major health benefits