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Get a Hot Body

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Target Your Upper Body

Do the strength routine two to three times a week. Add the intervals (see "Your No-Fail Cardio Plan") twice a week, either on the same or alternating days. If you have time, add some additional moderate-pace cardio, such as running, walking, swimming, cycling, or elliptical training, 30 to 45 minutes twice a week.

What You Need

A resistance band or tubing, a step bench or stairs, and a chair or stability ball (Find it all at

The move: Band series
The trainers: Rich and Helene Guzman, co-owners of LA Rox
The clients: Sheryl Crow, Minnie Driver, Hilary Swank

A. Chest flye: Tie a resistance band or tubing around a sturdy object at about chest height. Stand facing away from the anchor point, holding one end of band in each hand with feet staggered and arms out to sides, palms facing forward. Slowly bring ends of band together in front of chest, rotating palms down. Slowly return to start, keeping elbows slightly bent; repeat. Do as many reps as you can without losing form.

B. Triceps extension: Untie the band and place one end under right foot, holding other end in right hand. Raise right arm next to head, keeping elbow bent and close to ear. Slowly extend arm, then lower to start and repeat. Do as many reps as you can; switch sides.

C. Biceps curl: Stand on center of band, feet shoulder-width apart. Hold one end of band in each hand, palms facing up and elbows close to sides. Keeping elbows pressed into rib cage, slowly curl hands toward shoulders, keeping wrists straight. Lower and repeat; do as many reps as you can.

Tone Your Shoulders

The move: Shoulder series
The trainer: Christel Smith
The clients: Daryl Hannah, Uma Thurman

A. Tie the band to the base of a sturdy object. Stand to right side of band, feet hip-distance apart, holding end in left hand, palm facing body. Keeping elbow slightly bent, lift left arm out to side to shoulder height. Hold 1 count; slowly lower and repeat. Do 12 to 15 reps; switch sides.

B. Untie band and place it under the middle of left foot, feet staggered, holding one end in each hand, palms facing behind you. Raise right hand forward to shoulder height while pulling left hand back. Hold 1 count; lower and repeat, lifting left hand forward and right hand back. Do 12 to 15 reps per side.

Flatten Your Abs

The move: Around the world
The trainer: Teddy Bass
The clients: Christina Applegate, Paris Hilton, Lucy Liu

Lie faceup on floor with knees bent, feet flat on floor and hands behind head with elbows out to sides. Cross left ankle over right knee. Lift shoulders as high as possible, bringing left elbow and shoulder toward right knee. Return to center and crunch up, keeping left ankle on right knee. Lower back to start and repeat, this time bringing right shoulder toward left knee. Continue, moving from right to left with each rep. Do 12 to 15 reps; switch legs and repeat, moving from left to right.

Boost Your Lower Body

The move: Rotational step up
The trainer: Joe Dowdell, founder and co-owner of Peak Performance Strength & Conditioning
The clients: Claire Danes, Anne Hathaway, Eva Mendes

A. Stand with right side next to a step or stairs, placing right foot on step. Turn right foot 90 degrees, toes pointing to the right.

B. Straighten right leg to stand up, turning hips so body now faces step. Place left foot on step. Return to starting position by stepping back with left foot. Do 12 to 15 reps on right leg; switch sides.

Sculpt Your Back, Shoulders

The move: Seated row with rotation
The trainer: Mike Alexander
The clients: Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson

Tie the band to a stationary object at about waist height. (When you're seated, the band will be at about chest height.) Sit on a bench or stability ball, holding one end in right hand. Keep hips facing band, but rotate torso slightly to the left. Pull right hand back, grazing elbow behind rib cage. As you draw your arm back, rotate torso slightly to the right, bringing right shoulder back and left shoulder forward. Slowly return to start and repeat. Do 12 to 15 reps; switch sides.

Work Your Butt, Obliques

The move: Twisting lunge
The trainer: Gunnar Peterson
The clients: Mary J. Blige, Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez

A. Stand with feet parallel, arms at sides. Take a large step backward with left foot.

B. Turn so your upper body faces all the way to the left, and pivot both feet so your left foot faces forward and your right foot faces out (heel of left foot is perpendicular to right). Lower hands toward floor over left leg, being careful to keep left knee in line with left ankle. Pivot back to center and repeat on opposite leg. Do 12 to 15 reps; switch sides.

Stretch Your Whole Body

The move: Roll up
The trainer: Ashley Borden
The clients: Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore

Lie faceup on floor, knees bent and feet on floor, arms at sides with palms up. Inhale, then exhale, tightening pelvic floor and drawing navel toward spine.

Keeping pelvic muscles tight, squeeze glutes and slowly lift hips as you raise spine off the floor one vertebra at a time. Keep squeezing glutes as you roll up and push through heels. When you're all the way up, take a deep inhalation. Exhale, squeezing glutes as you roll slowly down to the floor. Do 5 to 6 reps.

Your No-Fail Cardio Plan

Zap 350 calories in 35 minutes.

The trainer: Jeanette Jenkins, founder, The Hollywood Trainer
The client: Queen Latifah

This interval-intensive cardio routine uses increasingly longer sprint sessions and shorter recovery periods to blast calories. You can do it on any cardio machine at the gym or walking, running or cycling outside. Use the given rate of perceived exertion (RPE), or how challenging the exercise feels on a scale of 1 to 10, to determine your speed and resistance.



Pace RPE*
0:00-5:00 Warm up 5
5:00-7:00 Begin to intensify 6-7
7:00-11:00 Maintain steady pace 7
11:00-12:00 Sprint, 1 min. 8-9
12:00-14:00 Recover, lower intensity 6-7
14:00-15:30 Sprint, 90 sec. 8-9
15:30-17:30 Recover, lower intensity 6-7
17:30-19:15 Sprint, 1 min. 45 sec. 8-9
19:15-21:15 Recover, lower intensity 6-7
21:15-23:15 Sprint, 2 min. 8-9
23:15-25:30 Recover, lower intensity 6-7
25:30-30:30 Gradual acceleration (increase speed by 10% each minute) 8-9
30:30-35:00 Cooldown 5

Hot Workout Tips

Sure, their workouts are effective. But these trainers have developed a loyal celebrity following because they're good at motivating their clients. Here, some of their top workout advice.

Do More in Less Time

"Shorten the time you rest between exercises by alternating upper- and lower-body moves. You'll burn more calories while still giving your muscles time to recover."
— Joe Dowdell

Don't Blame the Clock

"If you have time to eat, drink, or watch TV, you have time to fit in a workout. Even a few minutes a day can make a difference and motivate you to do more."
— Teddy Bass

Give Yourself Breathing Room

"Think of the area you are working and 'breathe' into the muscle, pausing a beat at peak contraction. You'll reduce momentum and get more out of the exercise."
— Christel Smith

Feel the Beat

"Music is my all-time favorite motivator. The right songs can make you want to work harder and go longer. Try to put together a playlist that will boost your mood, but don't pick songs that all have a fast beat or those that don't have any lyrics at all — after a while, even that can become monotonous."
— Jeanette Jenkins

Cross the Finish Line

"Competition can be a great motivator. Sign up for a 5K or 10K race or even a triathlon or long bike ride, then get yourself on a training plan. You'll feel a great sense of accomplishment by training for and then completing your goals."
— Rich and Helene Guzman

Picture Your Success

"Visualization can be an incredibly powerful tool. Before you begin to exercise, take a couple of minutes to sit quietly, eyes closed, and imagine what you will be doing in your workout. Athletes often do this kind of 'blind rehearsal' before a game or competition to motivate themselves to perform at their best."
— Ashley Borden

Don't Skimp Necessities

"If you're dragging midway through your workout, it's probably because you didn't adequately prepare your body. Make sure that you're not only getting enough sleep but that you're also adequately hydrated, and that you're eating right both before and after your routine. All of those things come together to help you perform your best."
— Gunnar Peterson

Be Patient

"Your body isn't going to change overnight. If you expect too much, too soon, you'll likely get discouraged and quit altogether. Progress from easiest to hardest, gradually changing the amount of weight you lift, reps you do, or distance you go so your body can adapt to the demands and become stronger without risking injury."
— Mike Alexander

Follow the Rainbow

"Try to eat at least two servings of fruits and three servings of vegetables a day, following the colors of the rainbow. Choose from tomatoes (red), tangerines (orange), peppers (green, red, or yellow), carrots (orange), blueberries (blue), eggplants (purple), and zucchini (yellow or green). These foods are rich in vitamins and antioxidants to keep you healthy."
— Larry Krug, nutritionist and trainer

For more details, workout tips, fitness and nutrition advice and innovative exercises, check out The A-List Workout by Alyssa Shaffer (McGraw-Hill, 2007).

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Originally published in FITNESS magazine, February 2007.