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A Fat-Burning Kettlebell Workout for Total Beginners

If you've ever walked by that rack of cast-iron kettlebells and whispered "WTF" in your head (or out loud), we feel ya. It's an intimidating piece of equipment, especially if you don't know what the heck you're doing with it. But the benefits of using one far outweighs its scary demeanor. From blasting fat to building strength in a short amount of time, it's a fitness tool that seriously reigns supreme.

Plus, working with kettlebells is a form of functional training which, in its simplest form, means training the body for activities you perform day-to-day. Translation: Those heavy bags of groceries you have to carry from car to kitchen (because there's no shot in hell you're going back for a second trip)? Yeah, they're easier to carry after you start consistently using kettlebells. And that suitcase you have to lift to put into the overhead bin on an airplane? No need to ask for assistance.

Ready to get started? First, make sure you study up to avoid these common mistakes. Then, try this routine that's perfect for first-time kettlebell users. There are 5 sets of moves to work through. You'll do each exercise in the set for 20 seconds, follow it up with 40 seconds of kettlebell swings (here's how to do the perfect kettlebell swing), then move on to the next. Once you've completed all the exercises in that set, rest for 40 seconds before moving on to the next batch of moves. By the time you reach the end, you may even be ready to sign on for a 30-day kettlebell challenge.


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