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13 Killer HIIT Exercises to Work Into Your Workout

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can burn fat in wayyy less time than mindlessly churning away on the elliptical. Incorporate these 13 HIIT exercises into your routine, and you'll see exactly what we mean. Want to up the ante? Do each exercise for a minute for a hurts-so-good HIIT workout, then join our HIIT challenge to keep up the momentum! 

1. Hand-Release Push-Ups

Start in a standard push-up position, and drop your body all the way down to the floor. Lift your hands off the ground for a second, then exhale while you press your body all the way back up. If you need to modify this move, just drop to your knees.

2. Plyo Push-Ups

Start in push-up position, and lower your body to the floor. Get a big push off the floor and lift your hands off the ground before landing back in push-up position. To modify, drop to your knees.

3. Russian Twists

Sit on the floor, with your heels touching the floor or lifted (more advanced) and your hands at your chest. Twist from side to side.

4. Single-Leg Burpees

Lower your body into a squat, and place your hands on the floor directly in front of your feet. Jump your feet back with only one foot touching the floor, and lower your body to the ground. Bring your feet back to your hands, then jump into the air on that same foot without letting the other touch the ground. Go directly into the next rep without touching down. Repeat for 30 seconds on each side.

5. Supermans with Lateral Raises

Lying on your stomach, lift your legs and arms off the floor, arms reaching straight in front of you. You should be squeezing your back and glutes to keep your legs up. Pull your elbows down to your waist, return to starting posting, and repeat.

6. Lateral Lunges with Hops

Step your left leg out to your side for a lateral lunge, keeping your right leg straight. Bring left leg up to a 90-degree angle and hop on your right leg. Repeat on each side.

7. Tuck-Ups

Lie on your back with arms straight over your head. Crunch your legs into your chest as you lift your back off the floor. Grab your legs, balancing on your glutes. Return to starting position and repeat.

8. Mountain Climbers

Start in high plank position with your shoulders over your wrists. Quickly drive each knee into your chest one at a time as if you're running.

9. Plank Jacks

Start in low plank position with feet hip-width apart. Hop your feet out wider than hip-width, and then hop back to the starting position. Keep your abs tight and don't allow your butt to pop up above the height of your shoulders.

10. Squat Thrusts

From standing position, drop hands to the floor and kick feet back, so you're in plank position. Hop your feet back to center and return to standing.

11. Plank-Ups

Start in high plank position. Place your right elbow under your right shoulder, then left elbow under your left shoulder, so you're in low plank position. Make sure to keep your shoulders stacked over your wrists. Press back up to high plank position, starting with your right arm. Repeat, rotating leading arms each time.

12. Flutter Kicks

Lie on your back with your hands behind your head, holding your head and shoulders up off the floor. Keeping your legs long and straight, bring one leg into the air while the other hovers parallel to the ground. Keep switching legs continuously.

13. Star Jumps

Standing with feet together, jump off the ground bringing your arms and legs out so that your body forms a star-shape. Land with knees slightly bent, arms by your knees.



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