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10-Minute HIIT Boot-Camp Workout with Weights

Pick up a pair of light or medium dumbbells and turn up your total-body strength training. This workout uses body compound movements to build strength while burning major calories and fat. You'll also work on coordination and place special emphasis on core strength.

Repeat this workout 1 or 2 more times for a 20-minute workout or a 30-minute workout. Find more of Mike on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat!

The Workout

Drop Squat to Press

Jump feet out to shoulder-width apart and fall into squat position. Powerfully jump up, bringing feet together, then press overhead.

Emphasis: Lower body, cardio, shoulders core

Renegade Row + Knee Tuck

With hands on the weights, get into full plank position. Perform a renegade row on each arm, followed by a diagonal knee tuck.

Emphasis: Upper body, back, core

Boom Boom Pows!

Step into right front lunge. Punch the left hand directly in front and the right hand directly to the side. Step back into starting position and perform a triceps kickback.

Emphasis: Legs, core, shoulders, triceps, core

Sprinters Lunge + Double Curl

Assume sprinters lunge position. Starting with upper body upright. Lower the upper body down so it becomes parallel to the floor. Perform a biceps curl. Lifting the upper body back up to upright position, perform a hammer curl.

Emphasis: Legs, core, biceps


Kind of like a wood chop but with an added twist.

Emphasis: Core, total body

Overhead Triceps Extensions

A little bit of active recovery before our final burnout.

Emphasis: Triceps

Iron Mans (aka Man Makers)

Perform a push-up, renegade row on each arm, jump in, clean and press.

Emphasis: Total body


Your final burnout—finish it strong!