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Super-Sculpting Strength Routine

  • Dorit Thies

    How This Workout Works

    "These moves firm your abs, arms, back, and shoulders while strengthening your legs, hips, and butt, helping you go faster and longer and power up hills," says Jeff Castaldo, owner of the Training Studio in Nyack, New York, who designed this circuit. Do all exercises once, resting for 30 seconds between each. Repeat the circuit three times.

    What you'll need: An exercise band or tube with handles.

  • Dorit Thies

    Bird Dog with Tuck

    Targets: Neck, back, abs, butt

    • Get on all fours (hands below shoulders, knees below hips).
    • Keeping abs engaged, hips still and back flat, extend right leg behind you, left arm forward (both in line with back).
    • Pull right knee and left elbow in toward each other; extend again.
    • Do 12 to 15 reps; switch sides and repeat.
  • Dorit Thies

    Lateral Tube Walk

    Targets: Hips, butt, outer thighs, quads

    • Stand on middle of band, holding one end in each hand, with feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent.
    • Step right leg out to side as far as you can, then step left leg to center.
    • Repeat for 15 steps in the same direction, keeping knees slightly bent and glutes engaged the entire time.
    • Switch legs; repeat in opposite direction.
  • Dorit Thies

    2-Way Rear Delt Flye A

    Targets: Neck, shoulders, upper back

    • Stand in middle of band, holding one end in each hand, with feet together, knees slightly bent, palms facing back.
    • Hinge forward from hips until back is parallel to ground, keeping chest open, abs engaged.
    • Extend arms straight overhead, elbows by ears, then lower. Do 5 to 7 reps.
  • 2-Way Rear Delt Flye B

    • Turn palms inward and lift arms out to sides at shoulder height, keeping elbows slightly bent, then lower. Do 5 to 7 reps.
  • Dorit Thies


    Targets: Abs, hips, inner thighs

    • Lie faceup on ground with legs together and extended, arms by sides. Bend knees into chest while squeezing thighs together.
    • Engage abs and lift head and shoulders off ground. Slowly straighten legs while separating feet 12 inches.
    • Bring knees back into chest.
    • Do 12 to 15 reps, keeping head and shoulders lifted the entire time.
  • Dorit Thies

    Low Jump Squat A

    Targets: Lower back, butt, legs

    • Stand with feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart, hands clasped behind head.
    • Lower into a squat, keeping knees behind toes.
  • Dorit Thies

    Low Jump Squat B

    • Jump straight up and land back into deep squat. Repeat immediately.
    • Do 15 reps.

    Originally published in FITNESS magazine, September 2008.