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10 Homemade Weights That Will Enhance Your Workout On a Budget

  • Sandbag Weights

    Using a rice or sugar shipping bag, sand, rope, and duct tape, it takes just minutes to make these weights for a quarter the price of regular hand weights. Head over to We Travel and Blog to follow step-by-step instructions for making this piece of equipment.

  • Homemade Free Weights

    For about $10, you can make your own free weights—perfect to add a bit of resistance to your workout routine. Stop by your local hardware or home improvement store. All you need are some PVC scrap tubes and caps, sandpaper, glue, and wet sand. Get the whole tutorial at The Home Away.

  • Homemade Mini-Weights

    If you're an avid lifter, you know that there isn't anything smaller than a 5-pound plate. But with the help of these homemade mini-weights, you can get the slight weight increase you're looking for before you're ready for that 5- or 10-pound jump. Follow simple instructions for creating your own mini-weights with the help of Ross Training.

  • Homemade Sandbag

    Sandbags add that extra bit of challenge to your workout that really helps build endurance and tone muscles. This project by Girls Gone Sporty is super easy to follow, and it'll leave you with a sandbag that is durable enough to toss and swing.

  • Homemade Weight Vest

    For under $10, Home Gym Bodybuilding can show you how to create your own weight vest that can hold up to 70 pounds! This piece of workout equipment is worth having in your gym.

  • Homemade Weight Belt (Dip Belt)

    If you're looking to add a little resistance to your pull-ups or dips, create your own weight belt that will take no more than a few minutes to make, using a pool noodle, chain, and latch. Back to Primal has step-by-step instructions on how to make this versatile piece of workout equipment that'll give you the extra push you need.

  • DIY Barbell

    Work on your shoulder press, squat, and upright row using this easy-to-make piece of workout equipment by Let's Get Crafty. Simply buy two gallon jugs of water and slide them on either side of a pole or bamboo stick. If you're worried about the weight shifting, tie socks on both sides of each jug handle to keep them in place. It's that easy.

  • DIY Kettlebell

    Kettlebells are a great way to improve your strength and incorporated cardio into your workout. That said, they tend to be a bit pricey, especially when you're buying bells with different weights. Using these easy-to-follow instructions by Instructables, you can create your own set of kettlebells for less than $10 in whatever weight works best for you.

  • DIY Medicine Ball

    We've all got an old basketball collecting dust somewhere. Turn yours into a medicine ball by following the simple instructions at Hub Pages.

  • DIY Dumbbells

    Put leftover water bottles to good use by making these dumbbells by Crafts for Men. If the small bottles eventually stop being a challenge, simply fill up larger bottles (like milk jugs) with water, rocks, or sand, and keep on lifting!


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