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Dress Like a Champion: Olympic Looks for Less

  • Courtesy of Burton


    Burton Snowboards will design the U.S. snowboarding uniforms, as they did in 2006 for Torino and 2010 for the Vancouver Games. Athletes like Shaun White and Kelly Clark will perform in patchwork jackets with American flags on the sleeve, with matching tan pants. Both the innovative jackets and pants will feature the most waterproof, breathable fabrics around — the company's exclusive DRYRIDE Vaporshell and Nanoshell laminates — including a specially created corduroy for the pants to keep snowboarders warm and dry. Burton also whipped up a wool-silk blend pullover fleece for the athletes to wear under their gear.

    Get the look: Dress the part with ultra-dry fabrics that move without restriction. Opt for a form-fitting, stretchy base layer like Burton's Wool Hoody and a baggy shell like 2L Altitude Snowboard Jacket. Don't forget a beanie and gloves — we like Burton Mignon Beanie and Tech Gloves.

    Buy it: Wool Hoody, $99.95; 2L Altitude Snowboard Jacket, $379.95; Mignon Beanie, $45; Tech Gloves, $64.95;

  • Courtesy of Under Armour via Instagram


    While Under Armour's 2010 Vancouver star-adorned bobsled uniform was reportedly influenced by Evel Knievel's style, the company's Sochi style seems much more subdued. Athletes like runner-turned-rider Lolo Jones will be competing in a second-skin basic black suit to reduce drag, complete with red, white, and blue flame graphics down both sides.

    Get the look: Compression clothing is the way to go if you want to run free of resistance, so try Under Armour's UA Long Sleeve Compression Mock and Fly-By Compression Capri.

    Buy it: UA Long Sleeve Compression Mock, $49.99; UA Fly-By Compression Capri, $49.99;

  • Courtesy of Nike


    Nike tipped a hat to the 1960 and 1980 gold medal squads inside the neckline of its 2014 uniforms, while also highlighting a larger USA crest in the vein of 1980's miracle team. Among the innovations for Sochi are Nike Flywire technology to help keep the neck area well formed and slip-free and articulated sleeves and mesh fabric, providing breathability on the ice. The team's socks and jerseys (which have special lettering on the back so it doesn't create drag) are made from recycled polyester to keep gear sustainable without sacrificing performance.

    Get the look: Want to show up like a star to your rec league's hockey game? You can buy a replica of the USA jersey from Nike. For more casual wear, keep things light and breathable so you can loop around the rink easily with the Nike USOC Wool Funnel Hoodie and the Futura Leg-a-See leggings.

    Buy it: USA hockey jersey replica, $130; USOC Wool Funnel Hoodie, $90; Futura Leg-a-See leggings, $45;

  • Courtesy of U.S. Freeskiing


    The North Face left no stone unturned while designing the U.S. freeskiing uniforms for the sport's Olympic debut. Four American athletes, including Tom Wallisch and Maddie Bowman had input on the final design while the uniform went through 1,300 hours of color-block testing to determine which shades of red, white, and blue might allow judges to best see the skiers against snow, on the pipe and on the course, as well as during day and night competitions. Cashmere hoodies will be worn under the pants and jackets of the skiers for a light base layer.

    Get the look: The North Face Morgan Soft-Shell Jacket is light and loose enough to let you move with ease down the mountain without sacrificing warmth. Choose a color that pops like Kodiak Blue to make a scene while you shred down the slopes.

    Buy it:, $248.95

  • Getty Images


    Under Armour's Team USA long-track speedskating uniform is so hush-hush, the company's not sharing any details before Sochi — except that it will be the fastest speedskating suit on the planet, hands down. The brand teamed with aerospace innovators Lockheed Martin to test more than 100 fabrics, moving around details like zippers and seams until it had a ridiculously aerodynamic suit made of five different textiles — as the creators found some of the rougher fabrics tested better in wind tunnels and on ice.

    Get the look: Whether you're speedskating or in the middle of an intense HIT circuit, look for streamlined, form-fitting gear that will allow for fast turns and low resistance like Under Armour's UA Perfect Shape Legging and UA Fly-By Turtleneck.

    Buy it: UA Perfect Shape Leggings, $47.99; UA Fly-By Turtleneck, $59.99;

  • Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

    Opening and Closing Ceremonies

    Ralph Lauren caused a stir when the brand outsourced much of its London Olympics look to China for manufacturing — so this time around every Sochi piece for athletes was made in the USA. However, they'll cost you a pretty penny. The red, white, and blue peacoat worn by the athletes will set you back $795, and the sweaters run between $295 and $395.

    Get the look: Okay, so the line may be pretty pricey, but the accessories — like USA-themed mittens, hats, and more — run on the lower price scale.

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  • Courtesy of Nike


    While athletes will be vying for gold on the medal stand, they'll be sporting silver if they make it there, courtesy of Nike. Metallic silver jackets, featuring a flag logo in red on the front and a red, white, and blue USA logo on the back — along with sleek black pants and kicks with neon detailing — are the looks of choice. Replica jackets retail for $400, while similar pants run around $45.

    Get the look: Nab a similar style for less with the Nike Aeroloft 800 Metallic Running Vest paired with the Free Hyperfeel Running Shoe.

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    Originally published on, January 2014.