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Summer Workout Gear That Stands Up to Sweat



    You can wrap yourself like a burrito in dri-fit fabrics, but if you really want to prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion, you need to keep your head shaded from the sun. Look for a hat made with light materials, like polyester. Bonus points for finding one with vented panels, which will help you stay cool and circulate the air as you move.

    Brenda Lo-Griffin, an outdoor school instructor for REI, also suggests using a pair of sun sleeves if you're prone to forget the SPF. They'll help protect your arms from the sun without the worry of sweating off your sunscreen.

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    Keep your ride nice and light with a halter top that has stash pockets, says Lo-Griffin. You'll stay cool and will still be able to have your keys and other essentials on you without having to add another layer to your ride. Another genius tip? Shop for padded undergarments if you don't want to deal with the bulkiness of padded cycling shorts, she says. Just make sure they're made out of a material that's not cotton to keep your bum burn-free.

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    Just because rowing isn't a high-impact sport doesn't mean you can throw on an old pair of gym shorts and a ratty T-shirt and be ready for the water. "It's super important to wear a sports bra with a wicking material," says Lo-Griffin. "Cotton is comfortable until it gets wet—then it's pretty rough to wear while you're rowing." Opt for a low-impact style to help your upper body move with ease.



    We love a good pair of yoga pants as much as the next girl, but a sandy game of beach volleyball isn't the place to wear them. Instead, you want a pair of spandex shorts that won't snag on anything, preventing you from missing a return. But relax, that doesn't mean you need to bare it all with a pair of booty shorts. Choose a mid-thigh length to get more coverage as you bump, set, and spike.



    There's a simple solution to stop tugging and pulling pre-serve during your summer tennis matches. Sport a tennis dress to combine your top and bottom. Bonus: The latest styles are really, really cute.

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    Spend time out on the water this summer without worrying about creating crow's feet from squinting in the sun all day. Christy Maskeroni, MS, RD, a certified yoga and SUP instructor, says that the one must-have while paddleboarding is a pair of polarized sunglasses to cut down on glare and make your time outside enjoyable (brownie points if they also have a strap, just in case you fall in). Maskeroni also suggests an insulated water bottle to stay hydrated on the board and a waterproof bag to carry a camera, SPF, and snacks. (Snacks while you SUP? Now that's what's up!)

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    If you like to cover up post-laps, Maskeroni says to make sure you have a breathable cover-up option so you don't overheat after your workout. Choose one with wicking material or—even better—UV protection.



    It might sound crazy, but Lo-Griffin says your best bet for keeping your feet cool as your hit the trails this summer are wool socks. "Wicking-smart wool are great for hiking because they are antibacterial and come in many versions, so you're not forced to shove on a thick pair you might use for colder months," she says. In addition to keeping your feet dry, Lo-Griffin says to be ready for anything with pants that can roll into capris or rip off over a pair of shorts and a polyester shirt with both SPF and bug repellent to steer clear of ticks.