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Now There Are High-Tech Yoga Pants That Correct Your Form

When it comes to yoga (or any workout, TBH), proper form is everything. Having an instructor on hand to tell you to keep your ankle under your knee in warrior I, or to lower your heels in downward dog, is crucial for preventing injury. But for those who favor practicing at home instead of in a studio, it can be a little trickier.

But thanks to the crazy world of fitness tech that we live in, you can now get the benefit of a trainer—through your yoga pants. While they may look like any other pair of chic, mesh-accented, color-blocked leggings, Nadi X's smart fitness and lifestyle tights from Wearable Experiments have tiny motion sensors woven between the nylon threads. The sensors communicate with one another to determine where your body parts are in relation to one another.

Settle into any pose and the tights will report back in real time—you'll feel a subtle vibration—if you need to correct a misaligned body part. The frequency and intensity of each vibration changes based on the body position and angle, the website explains. The founders also consulted with yoga instructors to calibrate the sensors and the accompanying app, where you can input your ability level to ensure you improve slowly and lower your risk of injury.

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For example, "if your hip is rotated too far inwards in warrior pose, a vibration will move across the hip in an outwards direction, like the guiding hands of a yoga instructor. When everything's aligned, the tights give off a gentle 'om' hum," Fast Company explains.

So, how are vibrations supposed to help you stay zen when you're ostensibly trying to disconnect from technology? Well, "the nice thing about haptics is you process them subconsciously," cofounder Ben Moir told Fast Company. "So if you're in the flow of yoga, you don't have to look at a screen and engage your attention on the screen or listen to a voice instruction." In other words, the technology is designed to be as subtle and as unobtrusive as possible.

And since this is the age of athleisure, the leggings will also serve a purpose when you wear them to brunch. "As a lifestyle product, Nadi...also integrates into your everyday life,­ reminding you of something as simple as uncrossing your legs while sitting down," the press release explains.

The only downside? The pants can reportedly only survive up to 25 washes and, much like your Apple Watch, will require charging between wears.

While the leggings were presented at CES in January, there doesn't appear to be a way to purchase the smart leggings (or a price listed) just yet. We can't expect they'll be cheap, but they'll also buy you serious bragging rights with all your athleisure- and tech-loving friends.


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