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Next-Level Fitness Devices for a Smarter Workout

  • Macy's

    Misfit Unisex Ray Black Silicone Strap Activity Tracker

    Add a little style to your fitness ensemble with this sleek, minimalistic, rose gold activity tracker. Not only does this fitness device monitor steps, calories burned, and your sleep, but you can also set up your Ray to operate as a remote to take your gym selfies. Compatible with both Android and iOs software, this water resistant device is as comfortable as it is stylish. ($100;

  • Amazon

    Showpin Jump Rope

    This is not your old gym class jump rope. This stylish, pink, tech-infused jump rope not only tracks how many skips you take, but it also records your time and counts your calories. Compact and easy-to-carry with you anywhere, this is the tool every fitness savvy woman needs in her gym bag. ($26;

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  • Amazon

    Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smart Watch

    This smart watch by Garmin (yes, the same company that revolutionized GPS devices for your car) comes fully packed with all the bells and whistles that you'll ever need. Equipped with an 8-day battery, the Vivoactive HR tracks all of your fitness numbers—from heart rate to calories to steps—and displays your data on a vivid colored screen. If you're serious about fitness data, this is the smart watch for you. ($250;

  • Amazon

    Aweek Bluetooth Beanie Hat

    Keep your head warm while enjoying your favorite music, podcast, or audiobook thanks to this Bluetooth-enhanced beanie with built-in headset and speakers. A few other perks? Since it connects to your smartphone you can take a phone call as you work out, and a 2-hour charge of the battery offers you 60 hours of use. ($16;

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  • Macy's

    Chronos Unisex Smart Disc

    Turn your regular watch into an activity tracker with this unisex smart disc that attaches easily and comfortably with micro-suction. Compatible with both iOS and Android, the disc lets you track your workout performance, take a photo, silence phone calls, and control your music. ($100; (Looking for something to help you train for that race? Check out our list of the best running watches.)

  • Fitbit

    Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker

    If conspicuous wrist-trackers just aren't your thing, then the One by FitBit, with its small design and clip-on capability, is the choice for you. It monitors everything from steps to sleep, and can be clipped on practically anywhere, including under a sweater or on a belt. This device might be tiny, but it's still a powerful data collector that will keep track of your workout goals. ($100;


  • Macy's

    Samsung Unisex Fit2 Smart Fitness Band

    This Samsung fitness band doesn't just have a pretty face. It also lives up to its "smart band" name with how well it's able to recognize what you're doing—from walking to climbing stairs to curling dumbbells—and where you're doing it with its built-in GPS. Available in blue, pink, and black, this device also connects to your phone so you can receive text notifications right on your wrist. ($180;

  • Fitbit

    Fitbit Flex 2 Wireless Activity Wristband

    Among today's fitness trackers, this one is a classic. The Fitbit Flex 2 is perfect for the minimalist who wants to monitor her heart rate and calculate her calorie burn easily without all the extra bells and whistles that other models offer. Available in four colors, this sleek device syncs with more than 150 smartphones and is ideal for both beginners and fitness fanatics alike. ($80; (P.S. Here's how to tell if you are too attached to your fitness tracker.)