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Go Gadgets: Foolproof Activity Trackers

  • Bryan McCay

    All in the Wrist: Nike+ SportsBand

    The Nike+ SportBand works with an accompanying special chip you put in your Nike sneaks to track your distance, pace, and calories burned as you run. ($59;

  • Bryan McCay

    Nudge Necklace: Philips DirectLife

    The Philips DirectLife activity detector lights up to tell you how close you are to your daily goal. ($99, including four months of online support;

  • Bryan McCay

    Hot Bot: The BodyMedia Fit Mobile Armband

    The BodyMedia Fit Mobile Armband beams your calorie burn to your smartphone so you can see it and calories eaten from meals, which you input via a phone app. ($300, including three months of online tracking; for info)

  • Bryan McCay

    Watch-ing You: The S2H Replay Band

    The S2H Replay band smiles when you move, frowns when you sit. Rack up in-motion minutes, then get rewards like iTunes and Best Buy certificates at ($19.95,

    Originally published in FITNESS magazine, November/December 2010.