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7 Fitness Watches You'll Love

  • Timex

    Best for Swimming: Timex Ironman

    If the name doesn't sell you right away, this watch is great whether prepping for a triathlon or swimming morning laps in your backyard. It can stand up to 100 meters in water so you can dive in without a worry.

  • PulseOn

    Best for Heart Health: PulseOn

    Unlike any heart rate monitor before, the PulseOn measures heart rate accurately and reliably from your wrist and creates easy-to-understand feedback (sent straight to your smartphone) on what your heart rate means: how your body reacts during workouts, how your fitness level has changed over time, and how to reach your full fitness potential.

  • Garmin

    Best Daily Tracker: Garmin Vívofit

    For beginners to marathoners, this activity tracker learns your personal fitness levels through daily steps, calories burned, distance walked and sleep patterns. It also greets you each morning with daily goals that you can easily stick to.

  • Adidas

    Best Splurge: Adidas Micoach Smart Run Watch

    For anyone who needs a little extra motivation during their workouts, this watch has real-time cardio training plans created by elite coaches, customizable data screens with a heart rate sensor and GPS-based speed and distance, workout reviews, and Bluetooth music capabilities.

  • Neff

    Best for Everyday Use: Neff Duece Watch

    This one is for the everyday fit girl. It's easy on the eyes (and wallet) and has an adjustable, comfortable wristband. Plus, it's water resistant up to 165 feet.

  • Puma

    Best for Countdowns: Puma Twist-S Watch

    For those who work best with deadlines, this watch is perfect for timing your sprints and core exercises. The clear, digital screen with optional back light makes it easy to check your times quickly. And you can set times with a few simple clicks, meaning no time wasted fiddling with your gear.

  • Reebok

    Best for Laps: Reebok Pump

    This watch displays time down to the second and will store up to 99 laps, making your strenuous training easy to track. Even better: The pump button below the screen amplifies those numbers up to 4x the original size. How's that for an amped-up workout?