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Tech Support: The Best Fitness Gadgets

  • Brian Klutch

    Bump It Up

    Want to snap pics of your next mud race? The Olympus Tough TG1 iHS camera is made to survive hard knocks. Drop it from a height of six feet onto cement and it will still shoot perfect 12-megapixel photos. It also works 40 feet underwater and in temperatures as low as 14 degrees. ($400,

  • Brian Klutch

    Vision Quest

    The lightweight, wraparound Julbo Whoops sunglasses come with Zebra lenses that darken in the sun and lighten if it's gloomy — great for cyclists and runners who weave in and out of wooded areas. The narrow style is designed to fit a woman's face. ($160,

  • Brian Klutch

    Waterproof Your Workout

    Don't let a little rain ruin your walk or run. The X-1 Surge Mini Waterproof Sport headphones are designed to withstand even the heaviest downpour while still keeping music clear. Plus, five interchangeable ear-tip sizes help make sure they won't fall out. ($50,

  • Brian Klutch

    Ace Your Pace

    Rev up your speed with the sleek new Garmin Forerunner 610. Set a goal time and then race against yourself or another user, or try to beat your previous best time. Touch screen technology makes it easy to navigate, and the built-in tracking feature helps guide you back home. ($350,

    Budget-Friendly Pick

    The easy-to-use Timex Marathon GPS tracks all of your running basics, like pace, distance, time, and calories burned — all with the push of a button. ($125,

  • Brian Klutch

    Music to Your Ears

    So long, tangled wires and annoying armbands! The Sony W Series Sports Walkman headphones have a built-in MP3 player and four gigabytes of memory to hold thousands of songs. Just tap them to change tunes or adjust the volume. ($100,

  • Brian Klutch

    Get in the Game

    The Nintendo Wii Fit U comes with more than 20 new sets of games and exercises like swimming, rowing, and luge. The game-pad controller serves as a second screen (so you'll be able to keep working out when your roomie wants to watch Girls). Track activity throughout the day with the palm-size Fit Meter, then sync it with your game system to see how many calories you've burned. ($60,

  • Brian Klutch

    TV Trainer

    Get off the couch while you watch the tube: The Samsung LED 8000 Series Smart TV comes with a free integrated fitness hub that features hundreds of on-demand workout videos (including some of your faves from FITNESS magazine), a virtual personal trainer, and programs that focus on yoga and lower- and upper-body moves. ($2,400,

  • Brian Klutch

    Run Smarter

    Sensors inside the Proform Boston Marathon Training treadmill analyze your running efficiency, allowing you to adjust your form or increase your speed in order to reach your peak pace. And whether you're preparing for Boston or just dreaming of qualifying, you can follow the race route, including inclines and declines that match each inch of the terrain, via a built-in video program. ($2,999,

  • Brian Klutch

    In the Bag

    The Gregory Pace running backpack gets everything right: The chest strap snaps together at collarbone height so your boobs don't get smooshed, compression side straps keep the bag close to your body to minimize bounce, and an interior pulley system secures the two-liter water reservoir so you can run slosh-free. (From $99,

  • Brian Klutch

    Feel the Beat

    The Mio Alpha watch uses a highly accurate sensor to measure blood volume near your wrist, giving you a precise pulse reading like a heart-rate monitor's but without the cumbersome chest strap. Bluetooth technology sends the data to your favorite running apps or workout equipment. ($199,

  • Brian Klutch

    Healthy Helper

    The Jawbone Up is a wristband and phone app that measures every step you take, functions as a stopwatch for workouts, monitors snooze patterns (for instance, set the alarm and it will wake you up just as you're coming out of a deep sleep), and provides nutrition feedback (snap a picture of your meal or scan the bar code on foods). It'll even remind you to get moving when you've been sitting around too long. ($130,

    Originally published in FITNESS magazine, April 2013.