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Want to Buy Things with Your Fitbit?


Picture this: You're out on a long run, about to reach your turnaround point, when you realize you need water. You've got your phone and ear buds in your hand and your apartment key in your pocket. But what you really need—cash or a credit card to buy a water bottle—is sitting on your dresser at home. Ugh.

This all-too-common scenario may soon be a problem of the past. That's because Fitbit, the maker of the fitness tracker on nearly everyone's wrist, today announced it acquired a part of Coin, a financial tech company known for combining all of your credit cards into one to lighten your wallet.

Fitbit now has access to Coin's wearable payment technology and could soon be adding NFC chips, which enable mobile payments, to its devices. That'd make it easy for Fitbit wearers to buy things like groceries or running shoes with the flip of the wrist.

The only downside we can see is that the technology won't be available soon enough. According to a press release issued by Fitbit, Coin's technology won't be included in any of this year's products, and the company has yet to specify exactly when it will be integrated. One thing's for sure, though: Your wearable fitness tracker is about to become even more of a necessary accessory.