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Medicine Ball Shopping? We've Got You.

  • Fitness Solutions

    Fitness Solutions LLC Medicine Ball Pure Rubber

    Make sure you can grip the edges, so it doesn't go flying out of your hands and cause an accident. These ones have a tacky tubber surface for s secure grip. ($22.95;

  • SPRI

    SPRI Dual Grip Xerball - 10 lb

    If you really want to heighten your workout, make sure your medicine ball has handles. Dual handles allow the user to grip on either side of the medicine ball and perform high-intensity movements. ($63.98;

  • Rep Fitness

    Rep Medicine Ball - 14 lbs

    Opt for a soft wall ball in exercises to gain strength from propelling and catching the safe ball. Thick double stitching secures the synthetic leather materials together. ($55;

  • J/fit

    Dead Weight Slam Ball

    Another medicine ball created for hand-eye coordination and extra mobility. The deal weight slam balls are made for throwing, slamming and catching. This heightens muscle mass, cardiovascular endurance and heart rate. ($34.95;

  • Champion

    Champion 3 KG Leather Medicine Ball

    Choose a ball like this one with extra leather coverage to not only ensure durability, but also put ease on palms and fingers pressing onto the medicine ball. ($24.78;

  • Walmart

    Valeo Medicine Ball, 12 lb

    For a standard medicine ball, make sure it has a textured surface to easily grip and withstand tough conditions. This one by Valeo isn't as dense as usual so you can bounce off of the floor. ($34.99;

  • Everlast

    Everlast Powercore Medicine Ball

    Inside this medicine ball is a sand chamber to allow rotation and an increased amount of balance. Also, textured panels along the outside aid in creating a stable grip. ($39.99;

  • SPRI

    SPRI Single Handle Xerball - 4 lb

    To maximize the use of your medicine ball, buy one with a single handle. This way you can use it as a dumbbell as well. ($30.98;

  • Amazon

    TAP Mini-Medicine Ball - 4 lb

    Whether you are training to improve arm speed and reflexes or wanting to add a bit of resistance in yoga or pilates, small weight are the perfect fit. ($14.95;

  • Health Products For You

    Ball Dynamics FitBALL MedBalls with Strap

    These mini medicine balls come with adjustable straps attached to them to increase simple body movements. The straps can go on all size hands, wrists and ankles. ($40.99;


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