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Strength Training Equipment

Blast calories and feel ~amazing~ after this sweaty, total-body workout.

It's time to get your butt in gear with these products that will help tighten and tone. 

Push-up bars lesson the stress put on your wrists during push-ups. Find the best pair for your home gym here.

The medicine ball has been around for a few hundreds years, but these models are nothing like the medicine balls of yester-yore.

A set of dumbbells is an essential part of any home workout routine, but they're not all created equal. Shop our favorite dumbbells to find the set that works for you.

With hundreds of exercises to tone and tighten, kettlebell weights are an inexpensive way to switch up your workout routine. Choose the one that works for you. 

Don't be intimidated by your gym's Smith machine — let a personal trainer show you how to use this useful muscle-boosting equipment.