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Would You Trust Your Bra to Protect Your Life?

Booby Trap Bras

Running solo should be a great way to get a sweat in and chill out. That's not always the case, but while we're all wary of working out at night, rarely do we really think to go out armed with a can of pepper spray. One Texas woman wants to change that.

Jennifer Cutrona was training for a marathon when a man came out of the woods and attempted to assault her—fortunately she got away, but she didn't brush off what happened. The next day, she revamped her sports bra, adding a pocket so it could carry a knife.

Her "Just In Case Knife Bra" now retails online for $54.99, with a built-in sheath for a small blade (also available online). And her brand Booby Trap Bras is now fully operational, so women like Cutrona can protect themselves even while out on their own. She's also developed a pepper spray variation that contains blue dye so the attacker can be more easily identified.

Is running with a blade in between your girls the best idea? The jury is out. But to be fair, there's no reason not to protect yourself, especially if you know you'll be in a deserted area when you're sweating off stress solo.