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10 Stages of Getting New Workout Sneakers

1. So much research. Cross-trainers, running shoes, CrossFit shoes, Nike, New Balance, Adidas—how can you be sure you have the right ones?

Teachers Yes Online Shopping

Scouring the Internet for reviews (and cute Instagrams) is the first step. Also included? Staring at people's feet too intensely at the gym, on the street, etc.

2. When you go to try them on, you do all these weird jumps, pretend to run, and try to imagine you're working out.

Track Warm Up

But everyone in the store stares at you as if sneakers aren't supposed to be used for physical activity.

3. When you finally decide on a pair, the bargain shopping begins.

Mean Girls Get In Loser We

This may or may not include visiting several sporting good stores, shoe stores, and online shopping for hours to find the absolute best price. Where are my coupons?!

4. The day you finally get them in the mail/bring them home is the most magical day ever.

Jonah Hill Fangirling

It's basically Christmas morning. (But you're also tempted to never wear them so they stay pristine.)

5. And the first time you wear them to work out...

Drake Strutting Confident

*cue invincibility feels*

6. But suddenly you're wondering if you made the right choice.


Should I have gotten a size up? These laces feel weird. I'm going to regret this forever.

7. But the feeling soon passes, and you're back to feeling fly AF and have the best workout in a long time.

Leg Lift Workout Sneakers

Your feet are going so much higher on those leg lifts because you just want a better view of your sneaks.

8. And you swear everyone in the gym is staring at your new shoes, thinking, "Wow, look at those kicks."

Kevin Hart Sneakers

How could they not.

9. When you actually get a compliment on them?

Brie Larson Oscars Thank You

Death by happiness.

10. That is, until you see someone walk by with an even cooler, newer pair.

Carrie Bradshaw Shoes Hmm

...Aaaaaand it's back to the hunt. Can I afford another pair yet?


Lauren Mazzo

Lauren Mazzo is a digital assistant editor for Shape and Fitness. She's an Ithaca College alumna, a Rochester, NY, native and an NYC transplant.  More →

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