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Seriously Cool Sneakers


For tech-savvy runners

The Adidas adiStar Fusion running shoe tracks your steps using a tiny sensor in the sole (made by Polar). Wear it with coordinating Adidas workout wear to monitor heart rate and recovery time. (Sneakers start at $120; Sensor and monitor equipment sold separately.)

For music lovers

The Code M sneaker from Dada Footwear has an MP3 player built right into its tongue and midsole, along with a USB port to sync with your computer. Don't worry about tripping over the headphones — it's sold with a wireless headset ($199;

For hikers with no sense of direction

The Tracquer for Isaac Daniel sneaker has a GPS system embedded into its sole. As you move, info is transmitted to your computer or cell phone. Wandered off the beaten path? Hit the emergency button to summon help — just like OnStar for your car ($285 to $385 for sneaker, $30 per month GPS service fee;

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, November 2006.