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The 5 Best Running Shoes of the Year

  • Brooks

    Best Lightweight Sneaker

    The "springy" Brooks Launch 2 gives runners with a neutral foot strike "the perfect balance of support and cushioning," and its "snug" no-sew construction "makes it seem as if you could keep running for miles and miles and miles and...," testers said. Drop: 10 millimeters.

  • Adidas

    Best Cushioned Sneaker

    A seamless, breathable knit upper on the "very flexible" Adidas Ultra Boost ensures a "slipperlike fit," while its "arch cradling" fluffed-up foam midsole provides "good energy return," so you feel "light, secure and fast on your feet." Drop: 10 millimeters.

  • Asics

    Best Max Cushioned Sneaker

    For plump, "pillowy" cushioning that will "still promote great, natural running form," put on the "surprisingly light" Asics 33-M. Its seamless upper and "very responsive" foam midsole are both "great for really long runs." Drop: 4 millimeters.

  • New Balance

    Best Light Stability Shoe

    The bright, "not bulky" New Balance 1500 offers the overpronator (your feet turn inward as you strike) "just the right amount of stability" in its "lightweight" foam midsole for a "well supported," properly landed stride. Drop: 6 millimeters.

  • Saucony

    Best Stability Shoe

    For more serious overpronators, such as those with flat feet, the "supercomfortable" Saucony Iso-Series Hurricane gives you "the support and alignment you need," "good shock absorption" and "just enough cushioning without feeling heavy." Drop: 8 millimeters.