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This Is How You Should Actually Clean Your Sneakers


No matter what your workout, it's likely you're wearing a pair of sneakers (okay, there are some exceptions, but you see where we're going). So think about how much sweat gets poured into those kicks. With every mile covered or burpee busted out, there's potential for bacteria to breed. Instead of letting it fester, Erin and Leif Frey, founders of FREY laundry detergent, dished out these quick and not-so-dirty cleaning hacks:

1. Rev up the washing machine.

You've heard this one before, but that's because it works. To get the shoe itself clean, take out the laces and brush off as much dirt and mud as you can. Then, after you've double-checked that they are in fact machine-washable (most brands are these days), place the sneakers in a mesh bag and wash on a cool cycle.

2. Soap up the outsides.

If you notice the outside of the shoe still has gunk lingering, grab a gentle dish soap and mix with warm water. Wet the shoe slightly, then scrub away the debris. Pro tip: Be sure to brush with the lines of your shoes to prevent damage.

3. Don't forget the laces.

Yes, you should take them out of the sneaker before a good wash, but that doesn't mean they should get left behind. Simply toss 'em in the washing machine like you would your normal clothes, but make sure you're using cold water and low heat (or simply let them air dry).

4. Take out the insoles.

They may just need a good air-dry, but if the scent is exceptionally bad, place 'em in a shoe box (or any box, really), sprinkle on some baking soda, and let them sit overnight. Come morning they should be odor-free.


Samantha Lefave

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