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Our Favorite Running Gear and Accessories

  • Polar F4 Heartrate Monitor

    Track your heart rate, count calories burned, see how far you've run, and more with this wearable, easy-to-use training tool.
    Polar F4 Heartrate Monitor, $89.99

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  • Amphipod Running Pack

    Stash your keys, ID, cash, and anything else you need in this secure pocket pack. Clip it on your pants or jacket and you're good to go!

    Amphipod Running Pack, $15.99

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  • RRS Speed 2 Energy Belt

    Take a hands-off approach to hydration and carry your water bottles using the Speed 2 Energy Belt. Carry up to 20 ounces of water and stash your essentials in the convenient pocket.

    RRS Speed 2 Energy Belt, $39.99

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  • Adidas Ultra Tech Cap

    Looking for a running hat you can wear even in warm weather? This ventilated running hat is designed to keep you cool while protecting your head and eyes from the sun.

    Adidas Ultra Tech Cap, $19.99

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  • Brooks Vapor-Dry Glove

    This glove has two features that make it a must-have for runners in the winter: a special wiping surface so you can dab sweat from your face and magnets to keep the pair together when not in use.

    Brooks Vapor-Dry Glove, $27.99

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  • Manzella Windstopper Balaclava

    Keep warm on cold days with this cap, designed to cover your head and face comfortably so you're protected from the elements.

    Manzella Windstopper Balaclava, $32.99

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  • Women's Nike Kylo Run

    Stay on track on the go with this stylish running watch from Nike. It has a one-touch backlight and an oversize face so you can easily tell the time when you're on the move.

    Nike Kylo Run, $69.00

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  • Baby Jogger All-Terrain Swivel

    No babysitter? Take your kids with you on your run or jog with this All-Terrain Swivel stroller. The front wheel locks in place for maximum steering control when you're running and switches to swivel mode for everyday use.

    Baby Jogger All Terrain Swivel, $299.99

    Originally published on, December 2008.

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