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Night Workout Gear You Didn't Know You Needed

  • Lumenus

    Lumenus Clothing

    Lumenus cites that in the decade between 2003 and 2012, more than 47,000 people died while walking on our streets. This sparked the idea for their intelligent clothing line that's designed to save lives using embedded LED lights and software that maximizes visibility. Cyclists (and runners!) can use it by entering their route into the Lumenus app, and the clothing will automatically create the appropriate brake, turn, and intersection lighting cues to make the wearer more visible to motor vehicles. Their Kickstarter fundraising goal has officially been met, so you should be able to snag Lumenus in the near future.

  • RunLites

    Go RunLites

    These RunLites running gloves have everything you need for a night run. Each hand has a removable USB-charged LED light that you can set to varying brightness levels. The back-of-palm pocket can store your ID, keys, or money, and the bungee cord netting is perfect for securing hand-held pepper spray for extra safety. There's even a soft snot strip for drippy, cold-run noses. As the winner of the InnovateHER 2016 challenge, these gloves—which come in cut-off and full-finger options—will be selling fast. (Want more? Try pairing with The Best Running Apps and Tech Gear.)

  • Nathan Sports

    Nathan Spurs

    A leader in running gear, Nathan Sports, says that drivers can more easily recognize the human form when runners wear multiple points of light. Wearing one reflective or light-up item (like a vest, arm band, or reflective headband) simply isn't enough. With these Nathan LightSpurs, your reflective gear goes down to your heels. They clip onto the back of your running shoes, are lightweight enough that you won't feel a thing, and work in any weather. (Bonus: They're great for cyclists too.)

  • Glow Headphones

    Glow Headphones

    These new Glow headphones light up with a smartphone app and features vibrant laser technology that pulsates to your favorite music, so the sensory experience of your run gets amplified even more. And they're so much more than headphones—you can even use the button to respond to texts, snap pictures, and use voice commands. You can order Glow now through their Kickstarter page, which has raised more than $530,000. Get ready to have your own dance club workout wherever, whenever you want. (Then create the perfect playlist with the 100 Best Workout Songs.)

  • LUNAR Europe

    TERA Intelligent Fitness Mat

    The TERA Fitness Mat is a smart carpet that recognizes movement patterns and uses an app to guide you through disciplines like yoga, Pilates or Tae Bo. The mat uses LED lights and pressure sensors to detect weight shifts and show you how to perform poses correctly on the mat. (Plus, it produces a gorgeous light show). Use TERA during this 30-Minute Yoga Flow That Strengthens Your Core for a workout that lifts your spirits and tightens your middle.)

  • Zackees

    Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

    Does anyone actually know the correct hand signals while biking? Yeah, we didn't think so. That's why a former Google engineer developed Zackees Turn Signal Gloves to make it easier for cyclists to communicate with cars. They use LEDs and ambient light sensors to increase brightness during the day and extend battery life during the night—you activate the blinker just by pressing your thumb against your index finger. Now you don't have to let the safety hazards of early-evening darkness keep you from biking home from work.

  • Nori Lights

    Nori Lights Bike Illumination System

    Nori Lights look off-white during the day, but switch to electric green or ice blue when you turn them on at night. The Nori Lights bicycle wheel illumination system is made up of light strips that wrap around your wheel. Activation pods keep the strips lit each time the wheel spins around and passes by the pod. If you want to stay safe without sacrificing style, these are perfect to add to your night gear arsenal. (Style Bonus: Pair with these 8 Cycling Kits You'll Actually Want to Wear).

  • Orphe

    Orphe Glow Sneakers

    If you've bought every pair of neon workout sneakers you can find, but still crave a pair of crazier kicks, meet Orphe shoes. This smart shoe system was originally designed for performers and dancers, functioning both as a customizable lighting system and as musical instruments. The sole of each shoe contains advanced motion sensors and 100 full-color LEDs that wearers can control via Bluetooth with a smartphone app or a computer. They can even become virtual tap shoes—the app can emit a certain noise when you tap your heel or toe. Talk about the ultimate dance-party workout. (And just imagine the Instagrams you can create.)


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